Application Virtualization Providing Personnel

Virtualize successfully, with the support of SD-Technologies!

SD-Technologies possesses the expertise in the field of software virtualization. In close cooperation with manufacturers of the market leading technologies ThinApp® (VMWare) and App-V® (Microsoft), we successfully work in the area of application virtualization. Thereby, we do not only concentrate on pure technique but also focus on the entire application management process. This experience, bundled in standardized processes as well as self-designed tools and approaches, contributes crucially to the success of your projects.

The following examples show which challenges can be managed successfully by applying our services:

  • Integration of a new client platform, such as  Windows 7
  • high packaging effort at the time of project peaks
  • technical complexity software packages
  • unclear demands or weaknesses in the requirements management which lead to unnecessary iteration (extra work)
  • insufficient quality assurance measures which cause outages and breakdowns in the productive environment
  • problem resolution between conflicting software products or various versions of an application

Plan successfully and let us tackle your challenges together!

Behind every SD consultant stands a strong team, which can be fallen back on in case of greater challenges. Through open communication we ensure a smooth information flow, answer your questions quickly and solve your problems entirely.

Would you like to learn more about our offer or receive further information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone +49 (0)241/518 377-10.