„SD-Coaching“ aims at finding a solution with the focus on „knowledge transfer“ in your company.

„Coaching is the goal and solution oriented attendance of people, mainly within the professional environment, in order to promote self-reflexion as well as the self-directed improvement of perception, experience and behavior.

Coaching as an individual and interactive support process

Here, we fall back on our successfully applied concept analysis. Our coach is responsible for you personally. He familiarizes with your IT-System, coordinates the internal or external maintenance team and consults you permanently on a considerable, strategic advancement of your IT-structures.  Thereby, SD-Technologies primarily starts with the staff across all hierarchical levels. Our philosophy here is:

To achieve the best results and create a functioning IT environment through knowledge transfer and building!

SD-TECHNOLOGIES cooperate with local as well as national companies and organizations of any size requiring a professional IT competence. We offer our coaching services in the following areas:

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