2. Withdrawal right of the distance contract for consumers

2.1 According to the §§ 312 d, 355 BGB n. F. SD-Technologies grants the consumer a withdrawal right. The consumer can return all products without giving a reason within 14 days after receiving them by sending them back. Informing SD-Technology about the return desire by phone, fax, letter or email within 14 days after receiving the goods is enough for the consumer to keep the deadline. The deadline starts with receipt of the goods, at the earliest, and this instruction; the timely sending is enough to keep the deadline. With software, the delivered data media may not show any damages of the sealing.

2.2 If making use of the withdrawal right, the consumer is obligated to send back the goods if it is possible to dispatch them by package. With an order value up to 50 € the consumer does not have to carry the return costs.

2.3 Individual software according to the customer’s specifications as well as installation services or the dispatch of audio and video recordings are explicitly not subject to the withdrawal right. Also, an already unsealed software data media or a software data media whose shrink-wrapped packaging was opened is not subject to the withdrawal right.

2.4 The consumer shall bear the loss of value arising from regular use of the goods according to § 357 Abs. 3 BGB, if the use goes beyond a mere review. The consumer may check the goods carefully and cautiously. The loss of value which makes the goods not saleable as “new” by going beyond a mere review must be carried by the consumer.