3. Prices

3.1 The offered prices apply until 4 months starting on the day of contract conclusion. Here, all prices are net price, excluding the value-added tax. With national mailing purchase, the selling prices are to be understood excluding the shipping cost flat-fee of 10 €. Dispatch takes place – apart from freight-free delivery agreed on in writing – at the expense of the customer. With international mailing purchase, the customer has to bear the flat-fee of 15 €.

3.2 The agreed prices are to be understood without installation, unless this is contracted.

3.3 Installations as well as trainings are charged according to the hourly rates or training offer prices of SD-Technologies. However, this is only valid, if no flat rate price has been agreed on.

3.4 The training fees are to be settled entirely 7 calendar days before the training starts after a binding registration, if not agreed on differently. Later payments can only be accepted in cash. All prices are to be understood net, excluding the value-added tax.