6. Export regulations, EG import sales tax

6.1 The products delivered by SD-Technologies are intended for the use and remaining in the supplier country arranged with the customer. The re-export of contract products is subject to approval for the customer and is subject to the foreign-trade regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany; products imported from the USA are subject to the export regulations of the United States. The customer must familiarize himself independently with these regulations and has to obtain authorization to his own responsibility. The customer is liable towards us for keeping the regularities.

6.2 If the customer has his headquarters outside the Federal Republic of Germany, he is bound to keep the regulations of the EG import sales tax of the European Union. He must inform SD-Technologies about his value-added tax identification number and, if necessary, about their changes unrequested. On request he is obligated to give information about his features as an enterprise, the use and the transport of the delivered goods as well as the statistically obligatory registration.

6.3 Furthermore, the customer is obligated to pay SD-Technologies a compensation for the effort and the costs which emerge for SD-Technologies because of neglected or faulty information of the import sales tax.

6.4 SD-Technologies are not liable for the consequences of faulty or neglected information of the customer of the import sales tax, unless SD-Technologies can be made accountable for intent or gross negligence.