7. Payment, delay

7.1 Payment is always to be settled by cash on delivery, if not agreed on differently.

7.2 Otherwise the customer is obligated to pay within the deadline indicated on the invoice after receiving the goods. If no deadline is indicated, the period is 7 days. After this period the customer shall be in default of payment. During this delay, the customer has to pay interest on the debt amounting to 5 % over the base rate. During the delay the enterprise has to pay interest on the debt amounting to 8 % over the base rate. Vis the enterprise SD-Technologies reserves to prove and claim damage caused by delay.

7.3 If an extension agreement in favor of the customer is arranged, the claims of SD-Technologies fall due immediately as soon as the customer falls behind with one or several liabilities, protests bills of exchange or checks, suspends payment, is over indebted, assigns or opens a composition or insolvency proceedings or if the opening was refused due to lack of assets.

7.4 In the cases mentioned above, SD-Technologies is entitled to reclaim goods subject to retention of title and to withdraw from the contract.

7.5 If deteriorations of the customers’ assets emerge after contract conclusion or a later publicly known deterioration of assets of the customer already existing on concluding the contract, SD-Technology is entitled to either demand advanced payment or security deposits within a week.

7.6 SD-Technologies also has the optional right to disrupt carrying out the order and to demand an immediate settlement. If this is refused, SD-Technologies is entitled to withdraw from the contract.  In this case the customer cannot claim compensation.

7.7 All existing payment demands are due immediately, if the buyer is in any default of payment towards us.

All payments are to be paid with full discharge of debtor exclusively to VR FACTOREM GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 30–34, 65760 Eschborn, who we have handed over current and future claims of our business relations. We also have transferred our conditional commodity to VR FACTOREM GmbH.

A set-off payment with counter-demands of the customer is impossible, unless the counter-demands are undisputable or have been established legally. The enforcement of a right of retention through the buyer is impossible, unless it is based on the same contractual relationship or the counter-demands are undisputable or have been established legally.