9. Patents and copyrights

9.1 As far as allowed and not agreed on differently, SD- Technologies does not assume liability for violating industrial property rights of third parties. The buyer is obligated to inform SD-Technologies immediately if he learns about or is reported such infringements. Any costs of legal proceedings must be paid adequately in advance.

9.2 SD-Technologies reserves the property right and copyright of the software products created by SD-Technologies. Without the approval of SD-Technologies in writing, they may not be made accessible to third parties. Also copying without the explicit approval by SD-Technologies is forbidden. If demanded by SD-Technologies they must be surrendered to SD-Technologies immediately. SD-Technologies is only  liable for damages because of violating any patents or other property rights if it was familiar or should have been familiar with them existing and that this causes third parties to express claims towards the customer. Our liability is limited to the invoice value of the goods.

9.3 The buyer has to free SD-Technologies of all claims which are raised due to violation of industrial property rights of third parties, if the dispatched goods were made according to the customer’s concept or instructions.