Software Integration with IntegrationSuite

IntegrationSuiteIntegrationSuite by SD-Technologies is a product range which was tuned specifically to meet the needs of the software integration process. It is composed of several modules which cover the whole area of software integration management and define and consider the connections of the upstreamed and downstreamed areas.

The IS ProcessManager thereby functions as the key account of the software integration. This does not only meet the technical requirements but mainly serves as interface between the special fields and the software integration. The module receives software requests, consolidates and standardizes the application portfolio. In order to guarantee a smooth development of the software which needs to be integrated, configuration requests, contact persons, dependence as well as license information have to be gathered and documented.

In the IS Workbench software packages are executed at  technical level. With standardized processes (Workflows) installation processes, installation packages, e. i. for the Windows Installer, or virtualized software packages are created and undergo primary tests. As soon as the work package has been released by the quality assurance department it is surrendered to the productive work environment by the deployment department.

With the IS WorkflowDesigner own standardized processes (Workflows) can be defined.

Here you can download the product flyer in PDF format.

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