Setup Development Coaching

Are you facing one of the following challenges as a software developer?

  • You would like to use Windows Installer (MSI) as an approved technology for the installation of your software.
  • You would like to create installation packages with InstallShield, Wise Package Studio or Windows Installer XML (WiX).
  • You would like to install your software on customers’ systems without additional delays and technical hurdles.
  • You would like to transfer your own guidelines and configurations into a setup routine.
  • You would like to create user-friendly and technically perfect installation routines.
  • You would like to apply your software also on current Windows operating systems (such as Windows 7).
  • You would like to migrate Legacy Setups (such as InstallScript) on a De-facto-Standard Windows Installer (MSI).
  • You would like to use established Best Practices also for your setup routines or validate them correspondingly (Internal Consistency Evaluators – ICE).
  • Your customers want a pragmatic actualization of your software by patches or updates.

Our consultants support you from the conceptual phase to the realization, quality assurance and the approval of your setup automation. SD-Technology consultants have gained lots of experience from the project environment. Behind every SD consultant stands, furthermore, a strong team which can be fallen back on in case of greater challenges. This is how we both provide the „know-how-transfer„ in our coachings as well as ensure that your questions will be answered quickly or that your problems will be solved entirely.

Would you like to learn more about our offer or receive further information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone +49 (0)241/518 377-10.