Setup-Outsourcing Coaching

Software Integration with SD-Technologies

Our customers are confronted with various challenges in the field of software integration:

  • Selection and acquisition of new software
  • Comparison and evaluation of suitable products
  • Analysis and valuation of integrational possibilities
  • Creation of requirements documentation and service specifications
  • Stable and reliable integration into the current infrastructure

Investments and the associated integration in an environment are scheduled based on a longer period of time than desired, due to the scarce availability of  existing resources. Besides the time factor other aspects, as e. g. the specific expertise, play an important role in staffing the project team.

The extensive range of professional services in the field of software integration helps you to overcome these hurdles and to carry out your projects successfully.

In our coachings the transfer of expertise is in the forefront. The intensive cooperation trains your employees while maintaining production at the same time.

Our consultants support you from the conceptual phase to the realization, quality assurance and the commissioning of new products and systems. SD-Technology consultants have gained lots of experience from the project environment. Furthermore, behind every SD consultant stands a strong team, which can be fallen back on in case of greater challenges. This is how we both provide the „know-how-transfer„ in our coachings as well as ensure that your questions will be answered quickly or that your problems will be solved entirely.

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