Windows 7 Migration

Windows 7 is here. In many companies migration projects are planned and the issue of software integration has gained importance again. Software integration teams deal with the following topics:

• Construction of a Scripting Factory with optimized processes, roles, company standards etc.

• Package Repository, quality assurance and documentation

• Improvements in the application integration for Windows 7 (UAC, 32Bit - 64Bit, guidelines etc.)

• MSI 5.0 (Windows Installer): What’s new? Which aspects must be taken into consideration when dealing with software integration?

• Driver installation and security guidelines for Windows 7

• Application virtualization (ThinApp, Microsoft App-V, InstallShieldVirtualization Pack)

The experienced experts of SD-Technologies support you with  solutions to newly arisen problems and help you to meet the challenges connected with the migration to Windows7. We will be pleased to advise you on further topics you are interested in.

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